Cosmic Body Flower of Love Skin Mist 4.7oz Tester

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Inspired by the flower of life and all that ever was and is, this formula bridges the romance of the rose with the invigorating and refreshing properties of lemon.
  • 100% pure facial toner
  • Free from alcohol, witch hazel and other inflammatory fillers
  • Lemon essential oil brightens skin
  • Pure alkaline water and rose essential oil refreshes the senses
  • Purifies air in personal space and throughout the room

How To Use It

Close your eyes and mist 9-10 inches from skin. Feels great when you wake up, during the work or play day, post workout, before or after applying makeup, before bed, or any other time you need a refreshing pick-me-up!

 This mist can be used whenever and wherever you want. Use it once or 100 times a day- it's that pure. Go ahead, spray it all over.

Everything Inside

★ Purified Alkaline Artesian Well Water ★ Rose Flower Oil ★ Lemon Peel Oil ★

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