Cosmic Body Clean & Sheen 4-in-1 Tooth & Gum Powder 2.6oz (Case/6)

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Finally, a tooth powder that does it all and tastes great! This 4-in-1 tooth powder stands apart from the crowd through its many unique ingredients and uses, aiding in long term mouth restoration in addition to providing daily care
  • Natural clays and cacao powder polish teeth
  • Activated charcoal and turmeric helps to naturally brighten smile 
  • White oak bark, bayberry leaf and clove powder removes toxins from the gums and helps to protect against gum bacteria

Peppermint leaf, peppermint oil and cinnamon powder freshens breath

How To Use It

Using a hygienic applicator, scoop a small amount of powder under your tongue or onto damp toothbrush.

 After brushing, softly spit residue into sink drain. Use your hand to rinse away any residue left in sink.

 Rinse your mouth thoroughly. Flossing after brushing is recommended for best results.

 *Please note product contains turmeric which will stain toothbrush light yellow, but will not stain teeth.

Everything Inside

★ Calcium Bentonite Clay ★ Calcium Carbonate ★ Cacao Powder ★ Clove Powder ★ Cinnamon Powder ★ Turmeric Root Powder ★ Sodium Bicarbonate ★ Peppermint Leaf Powder ★ White Oak Bark ★ Bayberry Bark ★ Slippery Elm Bark ★ Activated Charcoal Powder ★ Coconut Milk Fruit Powder ★ Magnesium Bicarbonate ★ Peppermint Oil ★ Clove Leaf Oil ★ Stevia Extract ★

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