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Our Story & Purpose

My mother, Susan Camille Beckman Roghani, started our family company in 1986.  Growing up, I remember my mother being immersed in every detail of her work. This company meant so much to her, and while she was often criticized for her decisions, it was the hard choices she made that turned Camille Beckman into the company we are today.  While all of her business associates turned their sights overseas and invested in the material world of maximum profit, she decided to build an artistic, greenhouse-like factory here in Idaho and plant gardens, explaining that nothing was as important as our soil, the foods of the Earth and strong local jobs.  Continually citing the deeper value of our potential and purpose, she said no to offers that did not serve the greater good and continously undertook challenges that small companies were often afraid to take. My mom grew up in Weiser, Idaho, a small rural town where she founded an early relationship with creativity, agriculture and a sense of comfort in continuous work. As a young woman, she left to pursue her knowledge of art in another city, a bold move that cost her many nights of security and comfort, but ultimately took her across oceans and into new lands to experience the world in ways she always dreamed of.  My mother is an artist, healer, conscious entrepreneur, and a torch-bearer for the women of tomorrow. 


This company was realized out of a compilation of my mother's life experiences and her understanding of the bridge between utility, culture and art. We are built upon the foundation of providing women with products that WORK, manifested through the hands and vision of other women. It is our intention to bring those who believe in our movement to an understanding: all women are filled with the potential, purpose and significance of divine love.  We intend to evolve our global perceptions of self, truth and love, bringing the women of the world together as a purpose-driven, unified and loving conscious; one woman at a time.


We are mothers, sisters and daughters. No matter where we come from, we have much in common. When you make the conscious decision to love yourself, healing begins and a blossom emerges. The more blossoms that bloom, the more beautiful the world becomes. 

Roshan Jahan Roghani-Ishaq
Design & Operations Leader

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