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Company Origins

People ask me, “Why did you start Camille Beckman and why is it so successful?”

After spending several of my young adult years in Europe living the life of an artist, I was ready to move back to Idaho. I started Camille Beckman in 1986 in a small garage in Weiser, Idaho working with dried flowers and fragrances from around the world. A short time later, the business moved to the original Rose cottage in Boise.

I expanded my product line into personal care items where my true love and passion lie. Our signature Glycerine Hand Therapy evolved from an old family recipe from, guess who, my Aunt “Rose” of course. It has made us famous! Often imitated, but never equaled, this amazingly rich formula is made with glycerin and almond oil. Aloe Vera is added for soothing away even the harshest trials of working hands.

The business has grown out of a couple of warehouse locations. In 2002, we completed and moved the factory and offices into our new location-35 acres of wild rose bushes in a wooded area bordered by the beautiful Boise River. This is our home forever and my dream is blossoming more each day with the opening of the Chateau Des Fleurs, where we host weekly tea, nightly dinner and beautiful events for locals and visitors from around the world. It is our family’s dream to create a ‘World Peace and Poetry Garden’ here with tiles from my husband’s homeland of Iran, surrounded by English gardens to serve our community and vegetable gardens to serve our Restaurant. Romance abounds. Some things are worth the wait.

Old photos of a the family, a newspaper article and an original Camille advertisement.

More Background

At the age of eight I found an old leather bound book in my fathers library entitled “100 Things For Boys To Do”. During the summer months, my father and I were chums and he was delighted that this book had so many projects and activities to offer. I was thoroughly intrigued by this book and the wonderfully inventive ideas which lay between the covers. One chapter that caught my eye, and even today holds my heart, was “Extraction of Perfume from Flowers”.

Each spring the ladies from our neighborhood allowed to me “violet-picking privileges”. After three weeks of gathering violets from all over the valley, there I stood with my precious vial of violet perfume. It would be untrue if I told you it smelled of beautiful violets, for in reality, it more closely resembled rubbing alcohol and traces of Bertolli olive oil.

Many years past and after returning from Europe I was in the process of deciding what type of business I wanted to begin. My solution was easy. I put everything I loved into a big sack, shook it up, and from that point, the Camille Beckman company involved. Today I am still pursuing what the chapter from that little book sparked within as my daughter and I deepen our studies of herbal formulas and beauty secrets of ancient cultures. 

Camille Beckman factory in Eeagle, Idaho on sunny day and an interior photo.

Why the Rosebud?

Our signature trademark, the hand tied rosebud, is rooted in my passion for herbs, plants and flowers. A major goal when establishing the business was to provide jobs for stay-at-home mothers. The delicate fabric rosebud which appears on most of the products are individually hand tied by someone in this highly dedicated group- a tradition still carried on to this day.


Susan Camille Beckman Roghani, Founder





We choose the herbal complexes we put in each product for their softening benefits. Ingredients include Mallow Root, Ivy, Pellitory, Cucumber, Elder and Arnica,; Glycerin, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E.  As our knowledge of herbs and natural ingredients continues to strengthen, our formulas and library of ingredients becomes more robust and rich with each new collection. 

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