Camille Beckman’s mission is to rebalance our world’s higher conscious by empowering women to seek and embrace their truest self through the discovery of their natural beauty and well-being. 


Camille Beckman was founded in 1986 to provide local women with creative, meaningful work that could be performed at home while tending to their families.  Focusing on quality formulas, long-lasting results and special attention to ingredients and ethical production, Camille Beckman’s products provide quality self-care without compromise.


Ever the curious artist, founder Susan Camille grew up in the small rural town of Weiser, Idaho, creating creams and crafts for local women while attending high school. Originally crafting silk flowers, bouquets and lace picture frames, the initial idea for Camille Beckman stemmed from her desire to provide local women with creative jobs.  By the time her daughter was born in 1989, Susan launched her first line of creams, inspired by a formula that her late aunt used for her hands while gardening. At first, getting people to take notice of her creams in a world brimming with products was extremely difficult.  The brand’s true success came with the results people experienced after trying the products.  People would try a dab and return an hour later overjoyed by the immediate healing effects. By the mid-90’s, Camille Beckman had expanded to larger production and their classic creams could be found in independent retailers across the US.


As a female entrepreneur in the 90’s, Susan fought to remain true to her vision. Rather than molding her company to be driven by profit and growth, she implemented principles grounded in compassion.  She allowed team members to bring their children to work, built a factory in Idaho while others moved overseas, started the Camille Beckman Foundation to provide services for women and children, and said no to outside investors.  For over 16 years, Camille Beckman was named the #1 personal care line in the gift industry and received countless 5 star reviews from customers and industry influencers alike. 


In 2013, Susan’s daughter Roshan left her life in Colorado to join the company full-time. Naturally drawn to global philosophies and cultures after becoming disenfranchised while studying the world of economics and politics, Roshan made it her purpose to carry on her mother’s passion for fair employment and creative herbal formulas while furthering the company’s mission to become a vehicle for social change by refocusing the company’s approach to drastically change the way our society thinks about beauty, business and our ability to impact the world around us.



Camille Beckman products are produced at its factory in Eagle, Idaho and adhere to strict green practice production policies.  The Camille Beckman Factory is proud to provide quality local jobs, with over half of our team remaining with us for a duration of over 20 years.  Our team is currently compromised of local men and women from their late teens to 80’s, with over 11 languages being spoken on-site.


Camille Beckman is not just a lotion maker, but also a health and lifestyle company devoted to creating products made for a life of fulfillment beyond consumerism. It is our purpose to not just sell a product, but to provide women with experiences of value that will truly improve their life and sense of being. We believe that the power to heal the world rests within each and every one of us, and it is our commitment to inspire the products, community and resources that strengthen the female spirit and journey.  We invite you to join us and embrace your magic. 

We believe that opportunity thrives when passed on to others. The Camille Beckman Foundation was founded in 1995 and focuses on creating and sustaining cycle-breaking solutions to address our society's most pressing issues. We have partnerships with practically every sort of organization you can imagine; from cultivating food to building schools and orphanages, medical missions, educational leadership and women's empowerment programs, and more. Basically, if it's here to change the world and has a proven, innovative model of doing so, we are interested. Our ultimate goal is to provide growth for the women (and men) of the world to become the powerful beacons of light they are meant to be.