Cosmic Body Vital Woman Yoni, Breast & Body Serum 3.9oz (6/Case)

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Vital woman was created to provide an all natural solution for women’s reproductive health. Made by real women and tested on real women thanks to local Midwifery clinics.

This all in one formula can:

  • Stabilize yoni / vaginal flora
  • Prevent tearing of the perineum in childbirth
  • Facilitate yoni hydration for women of all ages
  • Improve hydration & help ease the discomfort of dryness, especially during menopause
  • Be used for breast massage
  • Ideal for fine tissue massage (including armpits, under eyes and as an all over firming body oil)

Exotic natural rose scent derived from natural essential oils.

*Not recommended as a lubricant. We are currently testing lubricants with the intention of launching a formula in 2020

How To Use It

Apply 1-3 pumps as needed. Massage anywhere on the body or into breasts in place of lotion.

 Also suitable for massage of fine tissue such as armpits, under eyes and other sensitive spots.

 Maintains elasticity and relieves dryness, itching and tearing of vagina. Use topically for daily maintenance.

  Behind It's Creation

“During my first pregnancy, I tore an inch during the birth process. The pain and healing time that came with that initially made me fear giving birth again. After two years researching preventative treatments, I came up with this formula and began using it once daily during my second pregnancy.

 I am proud to report my second childbirth went smoothly resulting in a healthy baby boy and NO tearing. Though we can’t guarantee this result for all, we are optimistic about these results and look forward to offering this unique formula to help women across the world.” -Roshan Jihan, Founder of Cosmic Body

Everything Inside

★Jojoba Seed Oil ★ Coconut Oil ★ Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil ★ Carrot Seed Oil ★ Rose Flower Oil ★ Bergamot Fruit Oil ★ Neroli Bitter Orange Oil ★ Cardamom Seed Oil ★ Geranium Oil ★ Vetiver Root Oil ★

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