Sensitive Human Cleansing Oil + Moisturizer (Case/6)

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Are you ‘that person’ with chronic skin challenges; the one who is sensitive to everything? The one who gets acne at the slightest bodily change, the one who has sore eyes after an hour of wearing makeup, the one who can’t smell fragrances without getting an aching migraine?

Introducing Sensitive Human; the first specialized two ingredient, 100% natural oil cleanser that smells like cake and keeps acne, migraines and skin sensitives away all at once. Eliminate acne using the oil cleansing method (yes, it truly works!) or say goodbye to dry skin by doing the EXACT SAME thing. Oil cleansing is one of the best kept beauty secrets, exhaled by estheticians and dermatologists all over the world. 

Think that’s it?? No way! This miraculous oil takes the place of numerous beauty products. It can: 

Cleanse the skin using the Oil Cleansing Method. 

Remove dirt, sweat, makeup, and other debris without the need for harsh cleansers

Be used as a nightly hydrating moisturizer

Can be used in place of most creams and serums

Be used as a makeup primer, readying the skin and creating a clean, ingredients-based barrier between the skin and makeup. Implementing a dewy glow under foundation without greasy residue

Serve as a natural solution for all skin types, including sensitive, dry, oily, and combination skin

Unlike most natural oils that smell ‘natural’ or get rancid quickly, Sensitive Human smells like sweet vanilla cake

Directions: We recommend oil cleansing nightly. To do this, simply massage 2-4 pumps of oil all over your face and wipe off with a warm, damp washcloth. If you have makeup on (especially eye makeup), you may want to do this twice to both remove makeup and get a deep, nourishing clean. Voila! Your skin should be clean, nourished and ready for bed. 


Ingredients: Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) Oil, Vanilla (Planifolia) Bean.

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